Hahnville softball pitcher Chelsey Flores breaking records

Starting out in T-ball, Chelsey Flores probably wasn’t worried about pitching a hard ball or breaking some of Hahnville’s most elite records held by previous pitchers. But when she first started playing ball, Flores’ first love wasn’t on the mound at all, but through tough games and sweet victories she has become one of Hahnville’s top ranked pitchers.

However, throughout her high school pitching career, Flores has broken just about every record in the books. From most game wins to most continuous strikeouts, Flores sweeps the batting box every time she steps on the mound.

She is a dedicated player and a support system for her fellow teammates, which is how she became such a powerhouse on the softball field.

What does the future hold for Flores? She plans to go onto the University of Lafayette and possibly play softball for the Cajuns.

But her legacy will be left behind for all Lady Tigers to hear about as they play the game.

HHS wrestlers travel to Virgina Beach

Nathan Freman and Brice Jacobs, juniors at Hahnville High School, traveled to Virginia March 28 through 30 to compete in the Virginia National Wrestling competition.

They were a part of the few elite chosen from the state of Louisiana, and the only ones to qualify from Hahnville.

This great opportunity gave them a chance to test their technique and learn from their mistakes.

In double elimination, Jacobs and Freman were both eliminated in their second match, but the boys both felt they left with more than a memory.

“I learned so much this weekend, it was totally worth it,” says Freman.

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