First rabbit hunt of season nets mixed results

Though duck season is in full swing, we broke away from the norm last week and headed to Choctaw in Lafourche Parish for a rabbit hunt.

Being on family property, Pete Cassagne let his three beagles lose around 7 a.m. It wasn’t long before one dog jumped a rabbit and the other two dogs chimed in with their barks.

The chase was on and everyone held their positions as the dogs chased the rabbit in the woods.

Rabbits will make a large circle in the woods trying to elude the dogs. Eventually they make their way back to the spot they were jumped.

Finally Glenn Perque yelled out, “Their he is!” and fired two shots from his Remington 1100 12 gauge. But it was Cassagne who took one quick shot with his 20 gauge and ended the chase.

We moved along and jumped several more rabbits. Kenny Domingue had one rabbit run through a clearing. Though he unloaded two shots, he couldn’t stop the speedy rabbit.

In a large downed tree top covered in briars, the dogs jumped a good looking 4-point deer. We watched him run off into a small thicket.

Moments latter a rabbit was forced out by the dogs. Everyone fired shots and missed, making us wonder if we had shot in our shells.

Still, we managed to kill three rabbits and were pleased to get our first rabbit in for the year.


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