Destrehan’s softball team closes out season

Pitcher looking forward to next year

Destrehan Girl’s Softball Team placed second in the district and ended their season losing in the first round of the play-offs against Natchitoches Central with a score of 4-1. Kaci Wilson, a senior, hit a homerun to gain the only run the Lady Wildcats managed to place on the scoreboard. The Wildcats finished a 6-2 season, losing their only games to Hahnville during the regular season.

Destrehan will lose three of their players as seniors, Kaci Wilson, Sammone Courtney and Courtney Berthelot. “These three young ladies all had a positive attitude and demonstrated excellent leadership qualities” said Coach Russell Shaw. “Kaci was our best consistent offensive player,” reflected Shaw, adding Wilson had an good strong year as well.

“Courtney had a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude, which is always good to have on a team that wants to win,” said Shaw. “Sammone was injured most of the season, and really wanted to be on the field. However, she handled the changes in the line-up in a mature manner, showed good character and remained supportive to the team.”

“The team showed growth over the season and I am looking forward to next year. Destrehan’s pitcher, Julianne Beaugh, had an outstanding season. “I expect even greater things from her in her senior year,” said Coach Shaw. “She continued to grow this year and I suspect that there is more inside of her for next.”

Julianne has been pitching since the age of nine and finds it to be a natural response. “I like playing the game,” said Julianne.

“I think my season started off slow and then I felt myself growing during each game. My speed got better. I hit my spots more and I feel I read the batter better. I want to continue to improve on my drop ball and my rise ball. Next year, I hope to start the season strong,” said Julianne

In addition to playing, Julianne gives pitching lessons and enjoys teaching to those who want to learn the game and develop the skill.


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