42 trout, crabs galore caught in Grand Isle without using boat

With high winds and muddy water, it seemed like my fishing trip to Grand Isle would be a wash. But by the end of the trip I had caught 42 nice trout and plenty of crabs without having to step foot in a boat.

On Thursday night, I headed to the end of the island near the Sand Dollar and saw several lights shinning over the water. Minnows and shrimp collect under the light and then the speckled trout and white trout feed on them.

Fish were popping the top of the water in a feeding frenzy, so I began throwing a 1/32 ounce white beetle. Using cast and retrieve, I managed to catch 30 nice white trout and a 12-inch speckled trout. The next morning, I cleaned the fish and kept the fish heads for crab bait.

Around mid-morning Friday, everyone at the camp decide to go out and enjoy sitting on the beach.

While on the beach, we noticed many visitors were setting out crab lines in the surf. Many of them were returning to the beach with 12 to 18 crabs after checking their lines. I went back to the camp and brought out six old doubled ring drop nets and baited them with the fish heads. We managed to catch four and a half dozen crabs using fish heads for bait.

Friday night I headed to my previous fishing spot near the Sand Dollar, but only managed to catch 12 good fish. On Saturday we headed for the beach on Grand Isle. I brought along a crab line baited with fish heads and set it out close to the rocks in front of the island. When the day was done, we had eight dozen crabs to boil for the camp that night.

That same day, my son, Hunter, went on a bull red fishing trip. He caught a more than 30-pound redfish close to the bridge using crack crab for bait.


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