Those near death sent back to redeem destiny

By Michael H. Brown

Recover your destiny. Make sure you are on track to fulfill your mission. How often do we think of this — and realize that no matter how astray we have gone, Christ in His Power can get us back?

Recover your destiny. That’s important because according to the research I’ve done for an upcoming book, one of the first thing that will be “reviewed” when we die is how much of our missions we fulfilled. We want to see those completed!

In prayer — invoking the Holy Spirit — you can find guidance in what your mission is (and how to fulfill it). The idea of a mission is one of a number of consistencies you find in near-death experiences.

There are others:

— Those who have “died” and return report that the experience was unexpectedly pleasant. It was not fearful, in most cases.

— Often, the first spirits they encounter are deceased loved ones, their guardian angels, or Jesus.

— They are astonished that what they thought was a big deal in their lives was not what God thought of as a big thing.

— They see how “little” things can be extremely important

— They see that love and how they treated others was paramount.

— They perceive an incredibly beautiful landscape.

— They feel an absolute sense of peace and well-being such as goes beyond any earthly description.

— They see everything in their lives as if it is a movie.
One woman said she was told “that I had died prematurely and must return to earth. I felt them saying it was important that I return to earth, that I had a mission to fulfill, but I resisted it in my heart. This was my home, and I felt that nothing they could say would ever convince me to leave it. The men conferred again and asked me if I wanted to review my life. The request felt almost like a command. I hesitated; no one wants their mortal past to be reviewed in this place of purity and love. They told me that it was important for me to see it, so I agreed. A light appeared to one side, and I felt the Savior’s love beside me.”

“Oh, my goodness, I should have known!” you will say when you see what your earthly mission had been. “Of course. Oh, that’s why such and such occurred. Oh, I see why that was arranged. Oh, my, I understand why those who were involved were involved – I see why I met everyone!” I write in an (God-willing) upcoming book.

But paramount is what you were meant to accomplish, and how you went about it. When they are sent back, it is because they have “work” to do.

“You have not completed your mission.”

In most cases, love was the key. It is love we are here to learn. When we learn it well, there is nothing to fear!
If we feel we have fallen short thus far, it is time to pray to the Holy Spirit to erase past failures and now open up vistas that will recover our destinies — what God designed as our fates — and make up for lost time.


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