Ghost story – part 2: Spirits of darkness

Mystic helps free victims of sexual abuse

Whenever Victoria Maison looks at her younger sister, she sees more than the child she tried to protect years ago from a sexual predator. She sees her only sibling trapped in a cobweb, like a cocoon. A cobweb spun by her father’s boss years ago when he molested his 5-year-old victim. And even though Maison has prayed over and helped many victims of abuse since that time, she has not been able to help her own sister. She still sees the residue of the pedophile’s dark spirit clinging to her sister 40 years later.Once upon a time, civilization believed in demons and evil spirits. Today, most believe these stories were the ranting of an unsophisticated society.

Maison, who visited South Louisiana a couple of weeks ago on a 6-week tour of the U.S., says she has had first-hand experience with these dark spirits.

Beginning at age 5 until she was 12, Maison herself was sexually molested by a one-legged soldier that her parents invited to live and work on their farm on the coast of Australia.

She suffered silently for years, too afraid to tell her parents of the abuse. Then her father’s boss began abusing her 5-year-old baby sister. The 12-year-old Maison, told her parents, hoping to spare her sister from the same fate she had suffered. But both parents chose not to believe her and disowned her after that. They took her out of school and kicked her out of the house as soon as she turned 18.

By the time Maison was 19, she was living a wild life in the city.

But all that changed in the blink of an eye one night when, according to Maison, the Virgin Mary appeared to her and told her (gently) she was on her way to hell if she didn’t change her life. “I didn’t know who she was,” explained the Australian, who had not had any religious upbringing. “I just described her at the time as this beautiful lady.”

That was the first of several apparitions where Maison claims she both heard and saw the Blessed Mother clearly.

“I asked Mary how come I was touched and she said that was because there was no prayer in the household – even though Dad was nice helping the soldier out – there was no protection. Mary said my life was symbolic of many out there.”

Maison said that Mary taught her how to pray and pray well.

But that wasn’t all. The Blessed Mother also sent a priest to perform an exorcism over her because she was still covered with the residue of the dark spirit of her abuser.

Today, the Australian, a converted Catholic, can identify dark spirits covering other victims of abuse. “In the spiritual world, the symbol of sexual abuse is a spider,” she says. “A person who has been abused has a cobweb covering them.”

According to Maison, this residue attracts other abusers. “That’s why, if there’s a group of girls on a train and one has been abused, if someone decides to flash them, he will expose himself to the girl who has been abused,” she explains. “He will be attracted to that person.”

That’s why patterns of sexual abuse often occur to the same victims, says Maison, and why it’s so important to get rid of this residue.

But prayer alone cannot get rid of the spider’s web. “The person has to want to forgive the one who abused them. Hate is a big part of it. The demon wants to keep hate in the victim,” says Maison.

So many victims don’t want to forgive — like Maison’s sister, who is now a bottle-of-gin-a-day alcoholic. The spirit of darkness will stay with her, explains Maison, as long as she holds on to the hate.

Since it’s humanly impossible for victims of these horrible crimes to forgive their abusers, says Maison, “The only way to forgive the person is to say ‘In Jesus’ name, I choose to forgive.’ Then we receive the grace.”

“Everything in heaven and on earth shall bow to the name of Jesus.” (2 Philippians)

Everyone gets the grace that asks for it, says Maison. But taking that first step is so important and one Maison’s sister has not been able to do so far.


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  1. I need help with this please. I’ve been searching for years and I keep attracting the wrong help. My children and I are being harassed nonstop by these spirits. I’ve fought them over and over in the spiritual realm and they keep coming back.. They will not leave my house. My children and I need genuine guidance.

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