D-day in June reminds us of the need to pray

By Michael Brown

We’re not sure how bothered folks have to become about June 6, 2006 (6/6/06), which is next Tuesday (and which comes once a century), but it certainly affords another opportunity to pray. Some even believe they have heard from angels to this effect: that it is a day in which the Archangel Michael should be specially invoked. Whatever we might think of such numbers and whether any date tied to the devil’s “number” has relevance, we are living at a time of upheaval and that turmoil comes from forces of darkness.

Our culture is reflecting a shining darkness and this is shown in the popularity of works such as The DaVinci Code. While no single novel can undermine faith, and while it has been remarkable how Christian efforts have blunted the impact of the movie version, the very popularity of such a book, which has been read by 45 million Americans, speaks loudly of spiritual blindness.

Such are indicators of anti-Christianity and as such they bear significance — as does release of a movie on the anti-christ, a remake of The Omen, on June 6, exploiting the number. To some, June 6 has become a spiritual “D-Day” (D of course for devil). To others, it is rank superstition. We’re not sure what it is, just that it is creating a stir.

One website warns that the “Bible Code says 2006 A.D. is the Year of the Beast” and predicts that the antichrist will reveal himself. It also says there may be a holy war against Israel and that the United States and Russia would be drawn into a dangerous conflict as a result. So Fox News informs us.

Since 1970, there have been 60 terrorist attacks on June 6.

Expectant mothers are trying to ensure that they don’t deliver on June 6, and even the rich and powerful take the “evil” number into account. When former President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy retired to their last home in the Bel Air district of Los Angeles in 1989, they forced officials to change their address from 666 to 668 St. Cloud Road (at the same time that others pointed to his own full name as the number).

No question about one thing: since the 1960s (and yes, 1966), the devil has been on the march. More and more do we see rock bands openly flaunting satanic beliefs, and there have been recent desecrations, indicating, once more, the mood of anti-Christian hostility.

In Connecticut, a church was smeared with satanic graffiti. In Montana, a fire was started in a sanctuary. A Communion chalice lay on the floor next to a pool of water made by the fire hoses, reported a newspaper; a statue of the Virgin Mary was toppled face-down. In the Philippines, the head and hands of a statue were taken just this week by robbers or cultists.

A viewer from Florida named Anne asks: “Is there much to make over 666? Maybe, maybe not. I was born on 6/26/66. The last four digits of my SS number are: 0666. I have been battling with demons for my entire life and continue to do so despite five exorcisms. In the last one, the demon said he would depart during the 6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month. I am hoping this is true.”

Good people and good places can be associated with that number — from happenstance, we presume. “In San Francisco,” notes a viewer, “we visited Saints Peter and Paul Church, loved it, the shocker was the address; 666 Filbert Street.”

“Yes, there is terrible evil around us but June 6 to me only brings good memories as I am sure it does to others,” says Eileen Rockensies. “My husband passed away two and a half years ago after 33 years of a marriage that started on June 6, 1970 — It was another celebration of D-Day. This year will bring our 36th wedding anniversary. Wonder what four sixes means — don’t really care. I can only remember the good of June 6th as I am sure so many other married on that day do too. As long as we raise our heads and look unto God, and keep our rosaries and sacraments going, God in His Mercy will watch over us.”

And let us recall something else about June.

“We must remember that June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,” says Neill Rowland of Lake Charles, Louisiana. “As always, God is the One in control. We must not fear anything that happens as we can place our trust in Him.”

But is there the need of special prayer? Strange things sometimes do seem attached to the number. We receive the following from Cheryl Birch in Modesto, California, for your discernment:

“As a former New Age channeler, I need to express to all of you the importance of gathering together for prayer on June 6th. Whenever the calendar has a special numerological date (such as 08-08-88 or 03-03-03) the New Age, occult, black magic and satanic groups gather and through their ceremonies and prayers release evil power into the earth. The heavens fill with occultic power and demons feel empowered to attack unless the Saints are aware and in prayer!”

We place it for your discernment.

“This particular date is more intensely perverted in the plans of evil than most as it is reflective of the 666 number of the beast in John’s Revelation of the Messiah and the end times,” says Cheryl. “Because of this significance there is a global call among occultic and satanic groups both to have large gatherings and celebrations of evil.

“Therefore we need to gather in great strength on that day in prayer and Adoration of Our Lord beseeching Him to arise and scatter our enemies. He is our battle ax, our shield and our sword. If we call upon Him in repentance prayer and worship He will have mercy on us, protect us and help us to thwart these evil plans.

“Please talk to your pastors, prayer group leaders, brothers and sisters in Christ and plan to gather sometime during the vigil hours. The Lord is speaking to me the importance of Midnight to Midnight on June 6th.

“It is vital that we do not miss this powerful time of intercession to further the Kingdom of God. I believe this unity of prayer will trigger a great revival, if we will but do our part and heed the call of God to act.

“Praise God, if we will pray — we will win!”

Editor’s note: Michael Brown is the editor of Spirit Daily, a website that compiles daily spiritual news from around the world. The web address is: www.spiritdaily.com.


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