St. Charles Parish Public Schools will now have the highest average teacher salary in the state 

The St. Charles Parish School Board approved a 10% pay raise for full-time and permanent part-time SCPPS employees last night at its board meeting, meaning the parish will now have the highest average teacher salary in the state at $64,842 and a starting teacher salary of $54,118.

The School Board also approved a one-time payment for full-time and permanent part-time SCPPS employees to be issued in May 2022 and a loyalty/recruitment payment to be issued in October 2022.

Officials said the new salary schedule – which will begin with the 2022-2023 school year – is just one of many efforts the school system is implementing to assist in retaining and recruiting the best teachers and employees in Louisiana and the southern region. Any state-funded pay increase will be in addition to this district-funded pay raise.

“Both public and private entities are facing staffing shortages at every level, and the field of education is no exception,” School Board President Al Suffrin said. “While we are grateful our employees have stepped up to fill in gaps and taken on additional duties due to staffing shortages, we must be able to sustain a stable workforce that enables our students to receive an uninterrupted, exceptional education.”

Superintendent Dr. Ken Oertling thanked the School Board Members for their support and approval of the financial incentives.

“This is a considerable financial commitment and investment in our employees by the School Board,” he said. “We, as well as our community, have high expectations for our school system and expect the best for our students. Therefore, our compensation should reflect this expectation. While compensation is one measure to attract and retain the best employees, we also know engagement, work environment, resources and benefits are as important. Students cannot go without the quality services they need in order to be successful. We must continue to look for ways to attract future teachers and employees to the already difficult field of education which has experienced a significant decrease in those choosing to enter the profession.”

All 2021-2022 SCPPS full-time and permanent part-time employees will receive a $1,500 one-time payment at the end of May 2022. All 2022-2023 SCPPS full-time and permanent part-time employees will receive a $2,000 one-time loyalty/recruitment payment in October 2022.


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