Real Estate Transactions 4-27-2023

• 128 St. Peter Lane in St. Rose sold for $200,000 by Patrick and Kathleen Welsh to Erick Xenes and Cirina Hernandez.

• 19 Pine Lane in St. Rose sold for $67,000 by Sheila Kirkland to Universal Remodeling LLC.

• 202 Maryland Drive in Luling sold for $32,693 by Melissa and Michelle Champagne to James Champagne.

• 10847 River Road in Destrehan sold for $100,000 by Louis Brady to Denyse Keller and Eugenia Donskaya.

• 831 Evangeline Road in Montz sold for $240,000 by Cristina & Lauricella Inc toestee Braud Jr.

• 2 Houmas Place Apt. D sold for $165,000 by Glenda Simon to Syreeta Corbitt.


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