Stricter gun laws may be coming

With the outpouring of shots fired in killings around the world in recent weeks, it seems we may be in for stricter gun laws. It does seem the logical way to reduce the death toll from gunfire is to make it tougher to fire the shots that make it happen. Gun laws are not popular, especially in Louisiana where hunting is almost a way of life. But, of course, stricter gun laws should not be aimed especially at guns used for hunting.

But there are guns that can be limited in use with little objection from hunters who follow the law. Support for bans on the nationwide sale of semi-automatic assault weapons such as the AR-15 and high capacity magazines holding 10 or more bullets should be acceptable by most Americans who are not terrorists. After all, not many people are using them to shoot deer. Major restrictions on the sale of hunting rifles to the general public, however, probably would never reach the light of day.

Most polls say people would prefer gun laws imposed nationally rather than state to state. Congress, however, has failed to act on initiatives that Americans would support.

Forty-three to 55 percent of them also believe laws limiting gun ownership do not infringe on the constitutional right to bear arms. Polls also show 87 percent of Democrats are far more supportive of restrictions compared to Republicans at 41 percent. Also, women and those who live in cities and suburbs are more likely to support restrictions than men and those who live in rural areas.

Everyone, however, interested in keeping our country and world safe for human beings should have an interest in establishing laws to restrict use of guns in dangerous situations and prevents people from showing off weapons to entice people to use them. When guns are shown in public, they should be holstered and unavailable for public use except, in cases where they are used in saving lives. And, hopefully, that will fall to the lawmakers to put into effect.

So don’t discount down playing the showing of guns andgunfire at public events that can anyone to pick up their weapons and use them. You never can tell how everyone will react to people making a spectacle of gunfire.

The best way to limit the danger of allowing the public to bear guns is to find a means of restricting the use of them by people with criminal minds. And that way has not yet been found.


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