St. Charles Parish to be a travel center

St. Charles Parish is on its way to a big increase in its part in offering increased and improved air service to the South Central United States of America ,which is somewhat in the center point of air travel in the Western Hemisphere.

Add to this the widening of the Panama Canal which links in with the mouth of our Mississippi River and one can almost say this is the major meeting point of air and water traffic in the center of the western half of our planet.

Work is beginning on the construction of the new enlarged terminal at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, which is partially located in St. Charles Parish. One of the airport’s runways is in our parish and we have one member on the airport board from our parish, Gary Smith, Sr.

Our parish also gets some of the income derived at the airport in its operation.

Being in the center of things at one of the major airports in the center of our country and serving so many other outlets to the rest of the world really puts St. Charles somewhat in the prime center of things.

And with the larger terminal being constructed and so many new airlines being added recently with flights to and from Armstrong Airport, southeast Louisiana is fast becoming one of the major destinations for flights around the world.

The airport’s old terminal will be kept in use for other purposes that will increase the many uses of the airport.

It appears at this time it will become a major business expansion.

The new terminal on the north side of the airport will cost some $826 million and is expected to attract a large amount of economic development in the area.

And a large amount of that will be in St. Charles which will literally be the center of the overall new airport development.

New businesses will certainly take note of the benefits available by being located in a parish such as St. Charles which offers such advantages in transportation benefits that can be used in their  work processes. And being located in a metropolitan area such as New Orleans adds to the advantages.


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