Parish ranks high in preparedness

Residents of St. Charles Parish can take comfort in the fact that our parish is ranked among the 13 programs accredited nationally for emergency and disaster preparedness capabilities.

Statewide, we are rated among the two parishes which received such accreditation.

It should give us confidence that the local departments that care for our safety are doing a creditable job. That would include the sheriff’s office, school district caring for students or providing shelters during a disaster, fire departments that are faced with the results that hazardous materials may cause and other departments that care for our overall safety and well being.

The accreditation comes from the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAC) which judges documentation of programs with industry standards and undergoes a review of assessments by EMAC trained assessors. Such an assessment will come every five years for continuance in the accreditation.

Throughout the years, the governing structure of St. Charles Parish has blended into a unified force to provide the most protection for our people in many directions. And, according to this report, it has been one of the most effective in the nation.

There are not a great deal of political differences in the parish that could cause disagreements into how the safety of the parish should be maintained. Our officials and the population in general have been in agreement as to how that should be done.

We are an open-minded parish, which means that we seek the right way to do things, regardless of which side emerges with the winning way.

And our overall objective is to get the solution of every problem in the best way possible.

We are thankful to our public officials and the citizens in general for their attitudes in seeking the best means of safety and comfortable living for citizens of our parish. And for pursuing them in a way that provides the greatest measure of success.


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