Parish breaking ground in economic growth

Economic growth is a hot topic for St. Charles Parish – and a much welcomed one.

It’s no wonder parish officials were recently glowing over breaking ground for nearly $2 billion in industrial projects in one week, representing a figure that would have been an impressive one statewide not that long ago.

What’s on the radar now is parlaying parish resources and leadership to ensure business and it’s people both benefit from these projects.

With Monsanto’s nearly $1 billion expansion, the production of the weed killer, dicamba, will come. It will produce an addition to the company’s Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System product, which is aimed at helping the world’s farmers improve crop production.

Entergy Louisiana’s $869 million Little Gypsy expansion –St. Charles Power Station – in Montz will light up the Southeast – literally.

Collectively, these industrial projects promise, not only growth for the parish, but for Louisiana and the region.

They also will push technology that will further boost the state’s industrial positioning and development.

As Gov. John Bel Edwards announced at Entergy’s groundbreaking, “Over time, we must face this reality: If we truly want to grow our economy, if we truly want to provide better jobs and workplaces and centers of education and training for our people, we will need more energy.”

Parish President Larry Cochran added the projects strengthen Entergy and Monsanto’s commitment to the parish.

“This expansion will contribute great economic growth for our parish and will result in full-time, permanent job opportunities for our local workforce,” Cochran said of Monsanto’s expansion.

And, for the people of St. Charles Parish, officials say they are stepping up efforts to ensure area businesses tap the growth, too.

The goal is to spread the prosperity, as well as ignite an economic rollover effect that’s already being observed in areas like growing demand for residential development and retail expansions.

With good leadership and funding, the parish also is focusing efforts to prepare the workforce with training. The bottom line, which is certainly a good one, is to prepare the area for a prosperous 2017.


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