New Orleans campaign should be positive

With more than 20 candidates in the race for mayor of the city next door and less than 2 months in which to state their cases, prepare yourself for a deluge of ideas, judgments, propaganda and criticisms to unfold. That may be beneficial in bringing out ways to restore the city to normalcy and how the public feels about them. On the other hand, it may bring the final choices of action into the realm of political decisions which may not be in the best interest of the public at large.

Hopefully, the candidates will understand that this is not just an ordinary campaign and the promises they make should not have only short term benefits. The fix needed in the city is long term and scientific rather than political.

Those seeking to unseat the present mayor should not play the blame game. And the present mayor should concentrate on what he plans to do in the future, not on who did what in the past.

As catastrophic as it was, Hurricane Katrina offers the city an opportunity to redo its infrastructure in a way that could be beneficial. More green space which may replace some areas that were damaged severely can be a great benefit to a big city. Few cities have that.

Some areas can be rezoned to best serve their futures. This offers an opportunity to plan much of the city’s structure from the ground up in areas that need rebuilding.

Race should not be an issue in the rebuilding of New Orleans. The city should be open to all who can benefit from the jobs and opportunities it provides.

This election offers an unusual opportunity to make the city better. The candidates should mold their campaigns to serve that purpose in a positive way.


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