Natural gas use should benefit state

Our state seems to be on the way up in the production of energy. When we thought the production of oil was on the wain because of the environmental concerns in its production of carbon dioxide that produces global warming, an Associated Press report claims that carbon dioxide emissions have decreased to the level they were in 1992. It indicates that emissions from coal-powered power plants cause some 98 percent to the total CO2 emissions in the country.

And here in Louisiana, we have a wealth of productive gas fields. Natural gas production is low cost and loved by companies that depend upon it to power their generators. As a result, many power plants have switched from coal to gas from West Virginia to Louisiana for its sources of energy. And of course that means a lot to Louisiana’s economic future.

Even here in St. Charles Parish, we still have coal-generating energy plants but that may not last for long with the availability of a clean fuel as its replacement.

It is quite an accomplishment to replace a dirty fuel with a cleaner fuel at lower cost. And it’s especially wonderful that it brightens the future of Louisiana as one of the foremost producers of energy in the country.

We can continue to search for new sources of renewable energy, such as solar and wind, and when they become adaptable to our needs and within our budgets, they will be a welcome addition to our source of power. Meanwhile, it seems that our area of the country contains a great amount of the source of affordable fuel that is pure enough to help keep our atmosphere clean.


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