Lent can make us live a better life

And now comes lent, which lets us know that human beings are very versatile. They can transform overnight from a lively setting at Mardi Gras to a peaceful and prayerful experience. The contrast between carnival and lent shows the ways in which the human spirit can express itself.

Though our area was somewhat short-changed in carnival this year with rain cutting it down to one day in St. Charles, the spirit was there regardless as the Krewe of Des Allemands made it to the streets for the people to enjoy. With carnival over, lent has taken over the lifestyle of many. And it can be as enjoyable as watching the parades.

The purpose of carnival is to prepare the people for lent when we are to repent for our wrong doings and prepare ourselves for a better future. And now is the time for that.

This doesn’t mean we are so failing in our present mode of living. But there is always room for improvement.

So let us all look forward to a future in which we try to improve our lives and that of others. It is the annual ritual in which we seek a more spiritual outlook.

We must repent for our sins and misdoings, resolve to improve the way in which we live and spread the opportunities for others to do so. It is our obligation to make things better in our world so that all may live better lives.

Our earth can be a great place in which to live if we all resolve to make it so. And lent is a good time to do it.


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