It’s time to be merry at carnival

With a cold and icy winter still trying to keep us in tow, it is time to relax and enjoy the carnival spirit which arrives this weekend in southeast Louisiana. Here in St. Charles Parish, residents are getting ready to celebrate at the Krewe of Lul parade, which starts Saturday at noon, and the Krewe of Des Allemands parade, which begins at 1 p. m. Sunday.

They will be colorful attractions by our small town standards. Lul is scheduled to have some 400 riders on 25 floats and Des Allemands expects 250 riders on 14 floats. There will be music galore and a lot of throws for watchers to leap for and grab as they fly overhead.

Routes of the local parades are described in articles elsewhere in this issue of the Herald-Guide. You’ll see many of your friends and neighbors along the routes and on the floats that will spread their carnival spirit throughout St. Charles Parish.

Then the action will get even stronger as the weekend evolves into Lundi Gras Monday and Mardi Gras itself Tuesday in the city next door. The occasion is a big affair in the U. S. that attracts merrymakers from around the world. It is what many people wait for every year.

Of course, we can’t claim at this point that the cold weather is behind us yet since some low temps may even accompany us to our parades this year. But Mardi Gras is a strange affair because nothing ever seems to dim its spirit.Especially if you mask. Then you can pretend you are someone else who is enjoying the climate or any other factors that are trying to dim the occasion.  

One might call carnival a time to maintain your illusion of what and where you want to be . . . at least for a few days before the solemn season of Lent takes over and our thoughts turn to more serious matters.  Then we recognize the true values of life which we have to recognize throughout the year.

So get ready for the big occasion in the next few days and take part in the biggest celebration we have on the streets of St. Charles during carnival season.

It happens only once a year and the time is here to enjoy.


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