Is co-existence in our future?

It’s a mixed up world to say the least at the present time. We have Syria saying they have not killed their people with chemical weapons. It was rebels in their country who did it to point the blame at the Syrian government so they could take over the country.

And here in our country, we have our President agreeing with the rebels’ side even though some of them could be terrorists and associated with Al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, the President has been waiting around for Congress to approve his plans to bomb areas of Syria, which would give an advantage to all of the rebels and possibly put the dictatorship that exists in Syria in somewhat of a downfall.Some parts of the rest of the world, such as England, have not approved the President’s planned bombing. And other areas, such as France have approved it but have not exactly stated how far they would go in helping us carry out our mission.

So if we continue as we are going, we could end up bombing Syria and have no one actively supporting us. Or we could call off our military objectives and let the Syrians and rebels settle their own conflict.

Doesn’t this tell us something about the condition of the world today? We definitely are not in unison.

After World War I, countries in the world created the League of Nations and it went on for a while calming down some differences here and there. But then came World War II and all of the good feelings created disappeared. It was the same old world once again at war.

When World War II ended in 1945, the United Nations was formed with similar views in mind, though not quite as rigidly enforced since the countries had been through it once before and they thought a less enforcing bond between the countries would be more acceptable and lasting. But it wasn’t, as we all know. We have been at war in the world as much after World War II as before.

Now here we are again with wars of discontent erupting in various parts of the world, though mainly in the Middle East. It’s time to make a One World political organization work, at least in keeping peaceful negotiations in the mainstream of national disagreements. It must keep the weapons of any substance out of the picture in settling those disagreements.

So the USA and other democratic nations must take the lead in making negotiations the answer instead of death and destruction. We need to preach the values of love and respect for other people of the world, regardless of how they believe. National boundaries are already there and must restrain nations from forging into opposing territories.

Peaceful co-existence must take the place of violence so the world can settle its differences in a beneficial way.


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