Hurricane season is now underway

It’s been a record 12 years since a Category 3 or above hurricane has made landfall in the United States since Hurricane Wilma did so in October 2005.

But that streak may come to an end this year with an above normal season, which began June 1.

National Hurricane Center predicted there will be 11 to 17 named storms this year of which five to nine will strengthen into hurricanes. Two to four of those are expected to be major storms, Category 3 or higher.

One tropical storm, Arlene, has already formed in April before the season even started.

So prepare yourselves residents of St. Charles Parish, for a very active hurricane season.

Whether or not it ever happens is always a question mark, but the only way to avoid the deadly effects of hurricane catastrophes is to follow the directions of avoiding them.Check your news media outlets regularly during hurricane season to learn what lies ahead during hurricane season and how best to avoid it wherever you are.

And then follow the directions as best you can to make this season less than what the experts say it can be.

You never can tell when or where it will strike, but make sure you know what to do if it does near you. Then follow the protective measures already issued to you for your homes and directions for evacuations should they become necessary.

And then prepare to stay at home if it is safe to do so or leave in accordance with evacuation directions which have already been issued to the public at large for emergencies.

And, hopefully, plan to continue living in your St. Charles Parish home during this and future hurricane seasons that come along.


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