Health needs our best care

Defeat of a new and more promising health care bill by the Republicans has set the Trump administration back a notch, but chances are it will be revived by Congress in a way that our country can serve the health care needs of its people in a way that can be fair to most of our citizens, rich and poor in the future. And we’re sure it will be revived with that in the mindset of our government.

There has been much dissatisfaction with the way Obamacare was set up to serve our needs.

Changing it will be a matter or where we put our priorities in the future.

It will not be possible to satisfy all of our citizens in what health needs should take priorities but after all that is the way democracies work. Those most in need should get priorities and when those priorities need change, that must be done under our system of majority rule.

Our officials in Washington, D.C., should be able to psyche out the health needs that will best serve our people as a whole. And when that turns out not to serve the public in the best way, we then must change our laws to make them better.

So let us leave it to our officials in Washington to seek out the ways that will serve our citizens best. Then let’s proceed in that direction for a successful health care plan.

If that plan is defective in any way, there are votes up there that should be able to change it into a more successful operation.

That’s the way democracies are supposed to work.

Serve the people in the best way possible. And when changes are needed make them.

Unfortunately, we have two main political parties that want to take the lead at times and don’t allow the other party to have any say so. When that happens, we have to judge among ourselves who is right and who is not with our own free will and turn the tide.

So tell your senators and representatives to quit taking party sides and start taking the right sides that will start giving our people a health plan that will take care of our people in the best way possible.

And make it work.


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