YouTube streamer broadcasts his creativity, humor

Zyonne Jones

When Zyonne Jones began studying TV broadcasting at Destrehan High, any doubts that remained about what he ultimately wanted to pursue for a career were all but extinguished.

“It was just the feeling of doing everything I’ve always wanted to do,” Jones said. “When it came to TV stuff, we got to edit. They taught us how it is to be on television. It was like a beginner’s stage where we learned the fundamentals we can use later on down the line.”

Jones was part of a Satellite Center team that broadcast DHS sporting events, put together short films and garnered tremendous experience for students both on and behind the camera. He is set to continue down the path of media and technology at Delgado, but he’s getting plenty of broadcasting reps on his own: he runs his own YouTube channel under the title The Content Creator.

“Everything’s on there,” Jones said. “We’re gaming on there. I’ll be doing pranks on my girlfriend. I do reaction videos, skits … really, I try to mix in everything. People should check it out.”

He and his friends brainstorm ideas to bring to life on the channel. One constant for Jones: he wants his channel to be different than the usual YouTube fare.

“I try to take another route and catch people’s eyes more,” Jones said. “People see it and think OK, this is kind of different. A lot of people on YouTube kind of follow the same formula so I try to change it up. I fell in love with YouTube a long time ago. I wanted to do videos for a long time, so when I got the chance to, I really took it seriously.”

He said he wants to continue the channel as he pursues his degree and eventual career. But while on screen streaming stardom can be fun, he feels his most true connection with his work behind the camera.

“I have a real love for that,” he said. “It feels like I have a vision in my head, then you shoot it, edit the video … it’s a feeling you know when you’re good at something, and you just know it’s going to be good before you even do it. You just have that feeling, and then you see it come to life.”

His confidence in his ability stems from his passion, and vice versa in many ways. But he admits in other areas during his time at Destrehan, he sometimes doubted himself.

“You know, you go through things in life, and it’s not always the greatest time,” Jones said. “You just keep your head up and you keep going strong. There were times I honestly didn’t know if I’d graduate, but I kept fighting.

“Nothing comes guaranteed, but you have to stay strong no matter what.”

And one constant was he loved that school. Destrehan was the first school campus where he found stability.

“I’ve lived a lot of places in the state … Destrehan is the first school I moved to and stayed for four years,” he said. “A lot of my teachers and my advisors did a lot to help me. My counselors helped me so much. When I was in elementary school, I always heard great things about Destrehan and it’s really a great school. I met a lot of awesome people and learned so much that’s made me the person I am today.”




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