Workers forced to live outside Parish

Lack of apartments, rental property blamed

Young professionals being relocated to St. Charles Parish are having a tough time moving into the area because of a lack of rental properties.

And older folks are finding it hard to retire here because what they need isn’t available either, Prudential Gardner Real Estate agent Regina Allemand told the Herald-Guide.

Allemand, a 17-year-veteran, said that their office gets at least four calls from people re-locating to St. Charles Parish looking for nice, moderately priced places to rent – and there’s nothing available. “Right now we have seven bigger residences (three bedrooms and up) for rent for $1200 and up, and two older apartments for rent for $650 and $750.”

“Some people are in a transitory stage in their lives and they’re looking for an apartment. They are not ready to purchase,” April Freese-Templet, broker for Coldwell Banker TEC Realtors told the Herald-Guide.

“We get at least 20 calls a month asking for rental property between $800 to $1000 per month. When they call, they’re very stressed out. They need to move here and they can’t believe there’s nothing to rent. It’s not a new problem.” Freese-Templet said.

The lack of nice rental properties in the parish is keeping out a vibrant part of the community – both young and old.

Both Allemand and Freeze-Templet say that the callers, many of them teachers and other young professionals working in St. Charles parish, end up living in apartment complexes in Kenner, Elmwood or LaPlace where properties that cater to that demographic are readily available.

“Another thing that’s missing is one-story, single-family residences for senior citizens,” said Allemand. “I really wish that someone would have the foresight to get busy with that because a community for senior citizens (over 55) is definitely needed. The baby boomers are looking to downsize but they also want something to call their own.”

Allemand points to two senior citizen developments in Pelican Point near Gonzales that filled up very quickly. “Several St. Charles Parish seniors bought lots in Pelican Point,” she said.


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