Woman survives plunge off Hale Boggs bridge

A Destrehan woman apparently survived a fall from the Hale Boggs Memorial Bridge on Sunday (Jan. 21).

The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene around 3:10 p.m. on a report that a woman was standing on the railing at the top of the bridge, said spokesman Cpl. James Grimaldi.

Deputies arrived on the scene to find an unoccupied vehicle parked on the bridge and observed a woman swimming in the river, Grimaldi said.

Tugboats in the area retrieved her from the water and she was transported by Air Care to a local hospital.

The woman, not identified by the Sheriff’s Office, survived the fall into the Mississippi River but with injuries. Grimaldi said they do not know the extent of her injuries.

Brian Cox, director of operations with the Port of South Louisiana, said the port’s marine operations was called to the scene by the Coast Guard Station in New Orleans saying someone had jumped off the bridge.

As the emergency vessel responded, Cox said it was called back because a local tugboat had picked up the woman.




    • That’s good to know that she is ok.The trials of life makes us all do things that no one understands hope she gets the help she needs because she is blessed to be alive for real

  1. Good to know she’s doing okay have they released her name yet or what hospital she’s at I would like to go see her and pray for her

    • I’m praying this woman is doing better and it has been on my heart to speak with her and pray with her. If anyone knows her or how to get in touch with her please let her know she has been on my heart. I live inDestrehan and attend Hope Church. I would appreciate it.

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