Witness recounts Thrift Village Drugs shooting

Shanna Green recounts where robbery suspect Mark Fisher Jr. of Madisonville was shot by a Thrift Village Drugs pharmacist.

Shanna Green witnessed a man in a hoodie and the pharmacist of Thrift Village Drugs store in Luling wrestling at the store, and then “All you heard was ‘pow’ and the boy dropped to the ground.”

Just minutes earlier around 6 p.m. Monday, the armed robbery suspect identified as Mark Fisher Jr., 36, of Madisonville, entered the store wearing black clothing, including a face mask and gloves, and apparently attempted to rob it, according to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office. Fisher ordered that the clerk and pharmacist go behind the counter and then demanded drugs at gunpoint.

Fisher also produced a zip tie and strapped the clerk’s hands together, and apparently attempted the same with the pharmacist, but he retrieved his handgun to defend himself and the clerk, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

A fight between the two ensued. Fisher then fled towards the front door followed by the pharmacist who attempted to lock it, but Fisher turned back towards the pharmacist and charged him.

The pharmacist then fired one shot from his handgun, striking Fisher in the femoral artery of his right leg.

From across Paul Maillard Road, where Green lives, she saw the two “in a tussle” and then heard the gun shot.

“It happened so fast. It was quick,” she said of the shooting.

Mark Fisher Jr

Green said she saw Fisher fall to the ground, struggle to get up and flee behind the building.

“You could see big drops of blood as he goes up the back edge of the building,” she said. “There were large masses of blood and he collapsed.”

Green said she couldn’t see his face because he was wearing a black hoodie.

The Sheriff’s Office initially identified the suspect as a white male, with a thin build and short hair.

As a customer of the drug store, Green said she and her husband rushed into the building to check on the people inside.

She said the pharmacist was frantically repeating to her, “I shot him. I shot him. I didn’t want to do that.”

Deputies and EMTs soon arrived, and Green later learned Fisher had died.

The Sheriff’s Office reported Fisher had run about 100 yards out and around the store where he collapsed in the rear of the strip mall and died.

Green showed the grisly, blood trail that led to the scene.

Champagne said no criminal charges are anticipated against the pharmacist.

“All indications in this investigation, including the recovered store surveillance video, shows that the pharmacist and the store clerk’s lives were in imminent danger, justifying the use of deadly force,” he said. “This incident is currently deemed as a justified shooting.”

The incident remains under investigation.

For Green, the shooting is upsetting, particularly because she’d been held at gunpoint in a robbery at the Family Dollar in Boutte last year and now this shooting occurs near her home.

“It kind of shocked me,” she said. “There was so much blood from the store to where  he was.”


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