What happens if council seat becomes vacant?

If Marcus Lambert decides to give up council seat, he would get to choose interim replacement

After an advisory opinion was issued from the Louisiana Ethics Board informing Councilman Marcus Lambert that he can’t keep his council seat and work for Transload America Landfill in Killona, some residents in District 6 became concerned about what would happen if he vacated his council seat.

Lambert’s district includes Montz, New Sarpy, Norco and a portion of Destrehan up to the River Point area. Former Council Secretary Joan Becnel, who worked for the parish for more than 20 years, says that if Lambert has to be replaced it won’t be the first time someone’s had to give up a seat in St. Charles Parish and the new council will adjust.

“It used to happen all the time for various reasons when the St. Charles Parish Council was under the police jury system,” Becnel said. “Sometimes a person would move away or be transferred due to his job and have to be replaced.”

Becnel says that Lambert would be allowed to select someone to serve in his council seat for an interim basis.

“The council members would have to approve the person selected by the council official by a majority vote,” Becnel said. “But, the council chairman wouldn’t be allowed to vote unless there was a tie.”

After the interim period is over, which would last between 30 and 60 days, a special election is held.

“Then, the parish would hold a special election, and people living in Marcus Lambert’s district would be allowed to vote on his replacement,” Becnel said. “The special election would have to be coordinated between the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office, the election commissioner and parish officials.”


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