Watchdog group investigates Jesse Duplantis’ lifestyle

It’s hard to miss the new two-story, 25-room house on the corner of River Road and Ormond Boulevard in Destrehan. But most people who drive by it don’t realize that they are helping to pay for it.

The house, which will serve as a church rectory, is the largest single-family home in the parish, according to the parish’s planning and zoning department, and it belongs to Jesse Duplantis Ministries, a religious entity headed by evangelical Christian minister Jesse Duplantis.

The first floor of the rectory has two bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a breakfast room and a parlor. The second floor has four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, a fun room and a theater.

Since the tax-exempt ministry owns the house, Duplantis will not have to pay the over $33,000 a year in taxes that the homeowner of a $3 million house would normally have to pay, according to Parish Assessor Clyde “Rock” Gisclair. The money donated to build the house will not be taxed either.

The Trinity Foundation, a religious watchdog organization, has been monitoring Duplantis for over 10 years.

Trinity Foundation President Ole Anthony said that members of Duplantis’ congregation are not the only ones paying for the house.

According to Anthony, every person in St. Charles Parish is helping to pay for Duplantis’ extravagant lifestyle.

Assessor Gisclair said that whereas most homeowners qualify for a tax exemption, Duplantis will qualify for far more exemptions and will not be paying taxes at all. Therefore tax payers will be footing the bill.

“When somebody’s exempt, somebody has to pay the bill,” Gisclair said. He said that instances like this can cause the area’s millage, or property tax, to go up.

Anthony said that the Trinity Foundation’s main investigation into Duplantis has been going on for the past five years.

“We’ve been furnishing information (about Jesse Duplantis Ministries) to the Senate Finance Committee on two issues of the tax code,” Anthony said.

Anthony said that the foundation has been investigating Duplantis on issues of conversion, when donor funds are used to benefit for-profit entities, and inurement, or excessive compensation and lifestyle.

Legally, the ministry’s revenues should only be used to fund what they are getting their tax exempt status for, not for personal use by Duplantis.

“If the IRS finds that he in fact is abusing the tax code with regard to those two issues (conversion and inurement), then they could conceivably revoke his ability to give tax receipts for donations – he could lose his tax exempt status,” Anthony said.

Besides the almost 35,000-square-foot house, Jesse Duplantis Ministries also owns a private plane. Fox 8 News in New Orleans got a copy of the flight records and said that Duplantis has taken nearly 2,500 trips on the plane since buying it in 2000. The trips include two recent flights to Hawaii and 11 visits to Las Vegas.

“If a CEO of whatever needs a plane that is fine,” Duplantis said in a TV interview. “So if a CEO of a ministry needs to preach the gospel and get back to his church, that’s ok with me.”

Duplantis’ congregation does not have a problem with his lifestyle or large purchases, but Anthony said that other parish residents should.

“If I were in your parish, I would rise up and say I didn’t want to buy that 32,000-square-foot house for him and I don’t want to buy that airplane for him,” Anthony said.

The Trinity Foundation began in 1972 as a religious, charitable and educational non-profit foundation for promoting the public interest in the State of Texas by producing Christ-centered communications projects.

The foundation began by taking in the homeless, but the woes of the homeless led to a new mission for the foundation.

“Some of these homeless had given their last dollar to people like Jesse (Duplantis)…and nobody would do anything about it and that’s why we started these investigations,” Anthony said. “We’ve been doing proactive investigations since 1988 and it was based on these people who give their last dollar to people like Jesse on the promise that they were going to get a 100-fold blessing or get healed if they gave enough money.”

Now the foundation has grown to assist in the investigations of suspected fraud or other abuses of the public trust by members of the religious media nationwide. The foundation also regularly provides testimony and investigative reports to various state and federal agencies.

A representative of Jesse Duplantis Ministries said the organization had no comment.


  1. I’m a tax payer and I’m totally against paying taxes on Jesse Duplantis house on River Road so send the forms I’ll need to fill out and mail back ! Or whatever it is we need to do to revoke this from continuing to happen and he should have to pay back what he’s already taken !

    • It is a shame what happens to these men of God. With all the money and fame the enemy throws at their feet, they become idols unto themselves. It is sheer narcissism to demand extravagant things like a 54 million dollar jet. Him and Cleflo “Dollar ” (what a name) are those that Jesus spoke of in the Bible. They preach the gospel for gain. The enemy has overtaken them. Jesus came in sandals and a linen robe. He never asked for money. The money is not for self gain. Don’t tell me this is necessary to advance the gospel. Feed the nations in poverty. It is disgusting. You can not serve both God and mammon. (money) Have mercy on them Lord.

    • Don’t you people realize what Jesse gives??? His gifts and talents have
      brought so many people to Christ. His tapes and books alone that he writes and produces that have helped so many are a product of his gifts and talents given to Him by the Lord who owns it all! Jesse and Kathy could build many houses like this using the finances of their labor alone. They entertain and open that home to those who come to share the gospel. They have a need for a home large enough to accommodate people coming to the area to preach and teach! Not many can keep up with the race Jesse and Kathy are running. Walk a mile in their shoes I guarantee you it’s not all smelling the roses throughout the mansion! They make me tired just thinking about all they do! They deserve everything they have and I pray they have time to enjoy it here and there along their busy way! Spend time listening to what the Sririt of God is saying through them and you’ll quit pointing the finger of criticism and you may find yourself enjoying your own mansion if you have a need to have one.

      • I bet you attended this “church”. When I watch this fraud he causes me to lose faith in god and churches. How could God let this liar get away with this?

  2. I think it’s disgusting that our property taxes has doubled in 1 year to pay for his home. Every time I pass that house I am disgusted. It’s not fair to us in St. Charles parish to have to foot the bill. If he wants to live there then he should pay his own taxes . I saw him at the theater one day when they were buiyit and asked him if that was his he said with a smile oh yes it is. Can u imagine how many people I can fit in there and laughed. I just shook my head and said that is disgusting and walked off.

    • This article is almost 8 years old— have you not notices there is not any follow up. Why? Because there was no fraud to be dound. If there had been,there would hve been headlines everywhere. How about looking into the homes he has paid off for aingle mothers, ministries he funds? He has never promised 100 fold if yougive to hom. He has shared what the bible teaches and when you seek God and obey Him, live for Him, and give as God leads you to give, God does return and multiply backtobyou.

  3. Where do I sign?! I live in a 60 year old home that could use a little updating but because I have to pay for his mine will have to wait another 10 or so years while we save up to afford it. It’s disgusting that he was allowed to classify this as his rectory especially when it appears he is never there!!! And his plane?!?! I’m not even going to start on that one. If his congregation has no problem paying for it both in their tithes at church and on their personal tax bills then that is fine but the rest of us shouldn’t have to.

  4. Jesse Desjardins The tithe was used to build a community of people. They would gather everyones “donation, tithe, whatever you want to call it and then distribute back into the church community based on need (e.g., taking care of the widows poor and orphans and to make sure “none was lacking among them”

    Look at Acts4:32-34

    “The Believers Share Their Possessions

    32All the believers were united in heart and mind. And they felt that what they owned was not their own, so they shared everything they had. 33The apostles testified powerfully to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and God’s great blessing was upon them all. 34There were no needy people among them, because those who owned land or houses would sell them 35and bring the money to the apostles to give to those in need…”

    and yes maybe money was also used in helping with preaching the gospel. But for sure It was not used for lavish purposes like owning a lavish home or driving expensive vehicles. I never heard of Jesus, Peter or Paul using the money from tithe to fund their 33,000 square foot home.
    Now , no one said there is anything wrong with being rich, we all would love to be “blessed” as the church folk with say. But being rich off the backs of others and lying about what your intentions with the given money (God’s money) is wrong.

    If you are a minister of the gospel should you be taken care of, sure, we all need to eat as the bible says we share all things. But keep in mind that There is fine line between being taken care of by God’s people and abusing the people’s willingness to give. If a preacher wants more than what working for the gospel can give him then he/she should work and earn his “multi millions” like the rest of the people. Let’s not forget Jesus and Paul had separate jobs besides “preaching” the gospel (carpenter and tent maker).
    They didn’t go around expecting people’s funds to support their indulgences. But there is nothing wrong with “over abundance” 😜 if you earn it off the work of your own hands.
    It always baffled me and still today why preachers pastors can’t have 2 “jobs”. Oh let me guess … because it’s easier to beg for money and use the gospel as a cover up for their begging.

    Let’s get back to the Bible basics folks not our own interpretations of it. If we truly want to live God’s Kingdom then there should be no lack among our family members. And all should work and make money by the work of their own hands.

    • Amen!! As a Christian I am disgusted at how he is abusing his power. And no Jesus would not be in a plane. He’d be walking eating with the sinners. Very sad that he is taken advantage of not only the church but the whole parish just to live lavish. Not what or who the God I serve is. Ps jessi Please do not use Christian any longer. You are definitely not Christ like and making it hard for the real Christians to minister.

  5. Jesse Duplasis is a con artist if I know one. No christian person should donate a penny to his ministry and he should be prosecuted for fraud. He is taken advantage of good people and their need to feel closer to God.

  6. As a Christian, single mother, and volunteer for mothers and Children of Domestic Violence, I am appalled to hear any man of the cloth trying to raise money for a personal jet. I have worked for thirty years and recently lost my job. I’m penniless as well as most of the mothers and children I work with. Many don’t even have a roof over their heads yet he seems to think it’s okay to ask people for money for a jet while he’s involved with billions of dollars in federal Fatherhood Initiative funding that’s being used to help convicted Felons while destroying the lives of single mothers who are trying to protect their children. He should be ashamed of himself! May God have mercy on his soul the day he meets Him! by Jesse Duplantis:
    Apr 4, 2016 – Jesse Duplantis Ministries International Headquarters …… Program schedules are subject to change without notice. Please check ….. Our ministry is a part of a re-entry committee for returning prisoners The Reentry Program, Second Chance and other aliases is funded by the Fatherhood Initiative. Where are his programs for single mothers and victims of these felons that he’s helping?

  7. What does he need a house that big for maybe he is planning on starting a homeless shelter or a orphanage would that be great or a soup kitchen or a disaster relief station the possibility’s are endless god be the glory for Jesse Duplantis planning ahead in today’s world go god by way of Jesse Duplantis

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