UW of St. Charles holds donation distribution party

The United Way of St. Charles held their first “come and get it” Gifts In Kind™ donation distribution party.

The turnout was high as many Title I school teachers and nonprofit organizations showed up to shop and pick up office supplies, school supplies, paper products, book covers, etc. that they could use.  United Way of St. Charles is able to offer this service through a partnership with Gifts in Kind International™.

The United Way of St. Charles pays a $300 Donor Partner (e.g. Office Depot) annual fee and receives many great items through out the year which in turn is passed on to local agencies. In order to qualify to be a member with “Gifts in Kind”, you must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with proof of your Tax ID number or EIN certificate,  or a Child Care Provider who is directly involved with the United Way of St. Charles Success by Six Initiative.

Gifts In Kind International™ (GIKI) is an independent nonprofit organization that partners with businesses and charities to provide quality products and services that improve lives in communities around the world.  Thousands of manufacturers and retailers, including many of the Fortune 500 companies, donate more than $370 million worth of products and services annually through GIKI.

Through Gifts In Kind International™, agencies have quick, easy access to donated:

– Software and computers

– Office equipment and supplies

– Clothing

– Personal care products

– Educational and youth items

Any local, 501(c)3, health and human service agency is invited to join the program for a small annual fee of $50.  For more information, contact United Way of St. Charles at 985-331-9063.


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