United Way honors pacesetters, offers grants to Boy Scouts

United Way of St. Charles’ first ever PaceSetters’ campaign was a huge success, with six area companies contributing $1.5 million between Aug. 9 and Oct. 1.

Dow, Oxy, Cytec, Wink Companies, Entergy/Waterford III, and Valero all took part in the campaign, which has an overall goal of $2.5 million. The United Way of St. Charles officially began their campaign with the Battle for the Paddle on Oct. 4, but these companies made it possible for the organization to get an early start.

“It was a surprise,” Cindy Johnson, Director of Marketing and Communication for United Way of St. Charles, said. “We weren’t sure what companies would participate, so we really weren’t expecting that much.”

The Pacesetter campaign goal is intended to set the pace and help jump-start the annual campaign. It offers the business community an opportunity to maximize their United Way experience and giving. The organization says that successful Pacesetter Campaigns encourage others in the business community to step up to the plate and increase their campaign giving.

The $1.5 million raised by those six companies will be added to the $14,000 the United Way of St. Charles raised at its sixth annual Battle for the Paddle.

The United Way of St. Charles has also made available youth grants totaling $8,699.75 to help individuals with financial needs related to participating in the Boy Scouts of America. These grants will assist with registration fees, camp scholarships, scout uniforms, and program materials for any youth in St. Charles Parish that needs assistance.

“The United Way wants to ensure individual youth who need assistance has this resource available to them”, said Denise Brodsky, Executive Director of United Way of St. Charles.


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