TV show films at hospital

The show’s star Scott Bakula on the right with his NCIS: New Orleans team.

The mystery is solved, but the story won’t be out until it airs on CBS.

An NCIS: New Orleans crew did some filming at St. Charles Parish Hospital on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Terrell Neal, the hospital’s chief nursing officer and COO, said, the NCIS team was great to work with.

“It was a great opportunity to support a local show that brings so many jobs to our state and supports our community. The team at St. Charles Parish Hospital is excited to watch this upcoming episode.”

The drama is about the local field office that investigates criminal cases involving military personnel in New Orleans or as they call it “The Big Easy.” The series stars Scott Bakula as Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride or “King,” a local native driven by the need to do right.

Actor Scott Bakula on streets of New Orleans.

Pride works with his longtime friend Special Agent Christopher Lasalle (Lucas Black), who plays and works hard and Dr. Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder).

Although filming in Luling, the show is typically set and filmed in New Orleans. The team focuses on crimes in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps in territory that ranges from the Mississippi River to the Texas Panhandle.

NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and became the parent series for multiple shows bearing the name for different areas.


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