Students raise nearly $1k for Norco teacher fighting cancer

Ella and Emma Robicheaux were joined by Brynlee Ford and MacKenzie Powers this weekend as they sold hot chocolate to benefit Bridgette Oubre.

It all started this past weekend when Alexis Robicheaux told her two daughters that she wanted them to think of a charity or a person that they could raise money for.

“That’s how I was raised,” Alexis said. “You help out where you can. With today’s world, I don’t want my daughters to lose that.”

During the conversation, her 8-year-old daughter Ella came up with someone right away to help: Mrs. Oubre.

“Mrs. Oubre was my teacher and I will always remember that she was kind and caring,” Ella said.

Bridgette Oubre is a beloved Norco Elementary School kindergarten teacher who taught Ella a few years ago. In December she was given that news that her colon cancer was back.

“I was in remission for three years, and unfortunately it has come back and spread to my brain,” Oubre said. “I just had two surgeries to remove tumors. I am waiting to heal from those surgeries and then will start radiation and chemo.”

When Ella and her 5-year-old sister Emma set out on their mission this past weekend to raise money for Oubre and her family, they were joined by two friends, 9-year-old Brynlee Ford and 8-year-old MacKenzie Powers.

“Mrs. Oubre was my teacher and when she taught me she taught us about being kind and helping others,” Brylee said.

MacKenzie said it made her happy to help a teacher at her school, and helping they certainly did – the hot chocolate stand that the girls set up on Pine Street in Norco raised nearly $1,000 for the Oubre family.

Alexis said the girls were so excited the entire weekend to be able to help.

“I just always want to help someone,” Emma said. “I love to help anyone and everyone.”

Oubre said she was touched by the generous gesture.

“My family and I are so touched by their act of kindness,” Oubre said. “We couldn’t be prouder of y’all wanting to help those in your community. You all inspire me by your love to stay strong as I meet challenges in this fight.”

Oubre is currently not working, but said she hopes to go back to school as soon as she can.

“Teaching is what I love to do,” she said.


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