St. Rose company sends machines to capture Gulf oil

A disaster recovery firm in St. Rose has joined with a Florida company to deploy unique machines that have the ability to separate oil from water without the use of chemicals.

Florida-based Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. designed the new system known as the Ecosphere Deepwater Oil Recovery Process. The process generates millions of micro bubbles that create a “buoyancy blanket” that rapidly lifts oil to the surface so that it can be collected. Mid-Gulf Recovery Services, of St. Rose, has expertise in responding to natural disasters and signed an agreement with Ecosphere to get the machines to the Gulf.

“We are excited to be combining decades of experience and rapid response with Ecosphere’s breakthrough technology to begin the massive clean up of the Gulf’s marshes and inland waterways,” Mid-Gulf CEO Glen Smith said. “Our teams working together can make a real difference to the Gulf region that is being so devastated by the oil spill.

“Additionally, Ecosphere’s unique non-chemical systems will allow us to clean-up and recover oil and not do further damage to the environment with chemical processes.”

Currently, two of Ecosphere’s machines are in the Gulf, but more could be deployed if needed. The two units together have the capability to treat more than 1.8 million gallons of water a day. Each machine runs off of a 300-kilowatt electric generator and is capable of operating 24 hours a day.

The machines have many supporters, including Jean-Michel Cousteau, the president of Ocean Futures Society.

“Ecosphere has been providing its patented Ozonix technology to help major energy companies recycle their frac waters by eliminating chemical biocides,” he said. “We must now use this same technology to help restore our seas and shores while protecting the habitats of the marine and wildlife of the Gulf Coast.”

Smith said Mid-Gulf did extensive research to find the most proven technology on the market to help in the oil spill disaster. He said that the Ecosphere Ozonix equipment is by far the most field proven non-chemical high volume water treatment technology on the market.

“There is no other equipment available that combines its non-chemical technology with its mobility and large volume capability,” he said. “Mid-Gulf’s expertise is responding to natural disasters and this is the right equipment for this unfortunate disaster we are dealing with in the Gulf states.”


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