St. Charles Parish loses true crime fighter

Mautemps was longtime reserve deputy until his death

Many mourned the loss of a selfless do-gooder last week, when Donald Mautemps, a St. Charles Parish Reserve Deputy, passed away at the age of 76.

Mautemps was known for his volunteer work with the Sheriff’s Office and his wide-ranging knowledge of and experience with law enforcement. He became a reserve deputy in 1976, and quickly became an asset to the police and his community.

He  often took on patrol duties and other roles needed when the law-enforcement authorities found itself shorthanded.

“He was a great guy who I always really enjoyed speaking with,” SCSO Capt. Pat Yoes said. “He was a wealth of knowledge. You have a guy who has been doing this well over 30 years. He was here already when I got here. He was able to take over someone’s beat … You can’t say enough about the valued experience he brought to the table.”

Mautemps was a resident of Destrehan and a retired ferry boat captain for the Louisiana DOTD. He served in the National Guard.

Yoes said Mautemps’ work was “very helpful” to the cause of fighting crime.

“He helped us expand our base and gave us a better ability to effectively patrol our parish,” Yoes said. “(His work) heightened our visibility and helped create a faster response time.”

Beyond his work, Yoes called Mautemps a joy to be around.“He was very personable,” Yoes said. “Back when we had a ferry, he was one of the boat captains. He knew everyone, and everyone knew him and liked him.”


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