So how ‘bout that GLOBAL WARMING?

It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can stop him from lynching me, and I think that’s pretty important.

– Martin Luther King Jr.

I love my past. I love my present. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve had, and I’m not sad because I have it no longer.

– Herma Briffault Colette, French novelistQuote of the Week “If you‘re in Florida or Louisiana, or much of western Europe or southeast Asia or Bangladesh … or Manhattan … you don‘t want that.”

So said internationally acclaimed climate scientist Andrew Weaver on the occasion of the release of a hair-raising report on global warming that warns of an 11-degree jump in temperatures – and a 33-inch rise in sea levels – before the end of the century.


At least, that’s the outlook IF something isn’t done to keep greenhouse gases in check.

And just to keep things in perspective, children born today, barring accidents or premature death, might very well be alive in the year 2100, medical experts agree.

And that brings me to THE BIG QUESTION: What do you think the future holds for Southern Louisiana in the face of:

1. Global warming.

2. Rising sea levels.

3. “Super-storm” hurricanes and tornadoes and other increasingly severe “weather events” that climate change is projected to bring?

Does St. Charles Parish stand a chance? What about New Orleans?

I’ll publish your letters in a future issue of the Herald-Guide, so don’t be shy … fire away, Write: or post your snail-mail today.


Louisiana Good Roads newsletter reports that our roads ain’t, at least, not according to the long-haul truckers who drive them night and day.

They say they get gummed up in traffic on I-10 and that costs them time and money. Haven’t these clowns ever heard of “Katrina …?” Give us a break.


The Ten Commandments and other historical documents related to law and governance will soon be on display at the St. Charles Parish Courthouse.

Council members unanimously passed a resolution late last year providing for it.

And the glass cabinet that will house the documents has now been completed, so it’s just a matter of laying in the documents for everyone to see.

We’ll let you know when everything’s set so you can drop by to check things out …


This just in! For all you sports fans out there, we’re working on a new “speed-read format” for our sports pages that will enable us to cover every sport, every week, with equal billing – without fail.

And by every sport, we do mean every sport, from baseball and softball to basketball, golf, tennis – we’re even going to provide you with sports-related activities like band and cheerleading and … spectating.

It’s a bold concept, one we think you’ll like. While small newspapers around the country are curtailing or even eliminating local sports, we’re expanding ours, so … stay tuned – we think we’re on to something …


Is anybody out there interested in natural remedies and medicinal herbs? Let me know. I still own an herb company back in Florida and love to discuss and consider the old wellness remedies our grannies relied on … in fact, one of the things my company does is reformulate the concoctions that time forgot … some of which we ship to Chicago’s famed Merz Apothecary, the world’s leading purveyor of unusual medicines.

I’m keen on talking journalism, too – local, national and international. And “simple living …” Coffee anyone? And, yes, I’m buying … so what do you have to lose?


Derek Clontz is accessible! Write to him with your questions, comments, kudos or complaints at: … he answers every e-mail.


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