Sales tax holiday stopped in Louisiana

Louisiana sales tax holidays are no more until 2025.

The tax holidays were slashed in a measure passed in the third extraordinary session of the Louisiana Legislature, which was aimed at quelling the state’s budget woes.

“It’s all budgetary,” said Paula Haydel-Jeansonne, general counsel and director of tax collections with St. Charles Parish and the parish’s School Board.

The change is effective July 1 through June 30, 2025.

In recent holidays, such as the Louisiana Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday held on Saturday and Sunday in late May, and the Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday, consumers saved the 4.45 percent state sales tax in addition to 5 local sales taxes (parish – 2 percent and School Board – 3 percent).

Grant Dussom, the parish’s chief financial officer, said the parish follows the state on these holidays so it will not have tax holidays either.

The parish participated in the holidays to help local businesses, Dussom said.

Haydel-Jeansonne said the parish and School Board piggybacked on state exemptions on the same items at the same time.

“Laws are subject to change, but this measure was written for seven years,” she said.

Haydel-Jeansonne said some businesses considered the tax holidays a hassle with adjusting registers and some did not participate in them. But she added consumers liked them and often postponed purchases until these weekends.

At Sears Hometown Store in Luling, owner Kathy Witmer said the tax holidays helped sales, particularly at slower times of the year.

Other local retailers agreed with Witmer, saying tax savings helped with sales, especially on larger items.

“They did boost business,” Witmer said of the tax holidays. “I’m kind of disappointed.”

Witmer said she had no issues with the holidays.

“It’s going to be sorely missed,” she said. “I think it will hurt business and I think it will hurt other businesses, too.”


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