Sales soar after Luling native featured on Shark Tank

Luling native Nita Gassen and her fellow Mandeville resident and business partner Judy Schott pitching the esteemed panel of tough Shark investors on the business reality show.

Two female entrepreneurs from Louisiana caused a quite a stir on and landed a deal as part of Friday night’s episode of ABC’s Shark Tank.

The episode opened with Luling native Nita Gassen and her fellow Mandeville resident and business partner Judy Schott pitching the esteemed panel of tough Shark investors on the business reality show.

The women tried dozens of innovations to save time making beds and struck gold when they invented the Better Bedder sheet fastener in 2018. The entrepreneurs describe their product as a giant headband that wraps around the sides of a mattress to keep both the fitted and flat sheets in place. Once on the band is considered a part of the mattress and from then on, instead of tucking sheets underneath the mattress, a customer can tuck directly into the Better Bedder.

After being offered deals from three different investors, Gassen and Schott ended up agreeing on a deal with Lori Greiner.

“We were pinching ourselves the whole time we were on set pitching these billionaire Sharks,” Gassen said. “We still can’t believe they picked us to go on the show.”

Gassen said their episode was filmed in Las Vegas in the summer of 2020. The duo has had to be tight-lipped on the outcome of the pitch since then.

“Once the invention was created, we immediately realized this product could dramatically change the morning routine of millions of people who usually resist making the bed,” Gassen said.

Before long, Gassen and Schott were selling Better Bedders at local markets and online. Their adult children began to help them, taking shifts at the sales booths and ramping up their online presence. As their hobby turned into a family affair, the positive customer reviews poured in and they realized they were indeed really helping people.

Gassen said since the Shark Tank episode has aired, Better Bedder sales has sky-rocketed.

“We usually sell between 50-60 a day,” Gassen said of their product. “The last few days sales have been in the thousands. Lori had prepped us for this … it’s called the Shark Tank effect.”

Gassen said now that the details of the deal have been made public, Greiner will be making endorsements of the product.

To learn more about the Better Bedder, visit the website at


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