Residents thought they heard fire crackers in Willowdale shooting

When Carole Siegel DeZarn returned from the airport early Tuesday morning, she saw “police lights everywhere” in the Willowdale community where she lives.

“I mean it was like every cop in the parish was there,” she said.

DeZarn recounted the scene at the corner of Bocage and East Heather drives, which the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office described as the 100 block of Bocage Drive. What she came upon was deputies investigating a report of gunshots fired around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday (Sept. 18).

Nearby, a resident of Bocage Drive who asked not to be identified, said she was as surprised as her neighbors about the shooting that happened directly in front of her residence. She pointed to the edge of her driveway on the street as the alleged crime scene.

“The whole neighborhood was shut down,” she said.

But it wasn’t until later that morning that a deputy pointed to the bullet hole near the eave on front of her house that she was aware of how close the shooting had actually come to them. During the night, the woman said she heard noise, saying, “It was just like a bunch of fire crackers.”

The residence was among two damaged in the incident, according to the Sheriff’s Office. No injuries were reported.

Kenneth Lott, 21, and David Hixon, 19, both of Kenner, were arrested and charged in connection with the shooting, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Lott and Hixon, were each initially charged with possession of marijuana then by Thursday were additionally charged with one count each of illegally carrying weapons. Lott was also charged with felony carrying of illegal weapons.

Both are in Nelson Coleman Correctional Center. Lott was being held on $100,000 bond and Hixon on $75,000 bond as of Thursday.

The two were arrested after apparently fleeing the scene.

Just as shots rang out in Luling that morning, a deputy observed a vehicle traveling on U.S. Highway 90 westbound with no headlights on. A traffic stop was attempted that led to a chase and crash near Interstate 10 and Williams Boulevard where both Hixon and Lott were detained. Police confiscated 50 grams of marijuana from their vehicle, as well as weapons.

DeZarn said this is the first time in her 10 years living there that she’s seen an incident of this kind, but that won’t change how she feels about the community.

“I moved to Luling after [Hurricane] Katrina because of the school system and the price per square foot [of real estate],” she said. “I’m never leaving St. Charles Parish.”

Rachel Savage, who lives in Lakewood East Subdivision or nearly two blocks away from Bocage Driver, said they learned of the shooting the next day.

“We were inside, but I did not hear anything,” Savage said. “But when I heard the news, I was like ‘holy moly.’”

A lifelong resident of the parish, she said they stay in here because it’s a good place to live, although this incident has left her somewhat concerned.

She added, “It was a little alarming, but I do have confidence in our Sheriff’s Office that it will be taken care of.”


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