Parish preparing for potential tropical storm

Sandbagging stations being opened tomorrow

St. Charles Parish has issued an alert announcing it is opening sandbagging stations tomorrow (Tuesday) as it goes into storm preparation mode for a tropical storm potentially headed for Louisiana.

According to the Parish, Public works employees have begun working in 12-hour shifts for 24-hour coverage, preparing Hesco baskets this afternoon (Monday) in Des Allemands and clearing ditches around the parish to clear water flow to pump stations.

Sandbagging stations for residents will be open at the following locations:

· East Bank Bridge Park, 13244 River Road Destrehan, LA 70047

· West Bank Bridge Park, 13825 River Road Luling, LA 70070

· Bayou Gauche, LA 306 at Badeaux Lane East

The Department of Emergency Preparedness is double staffed for the next few days. It will hold a staff officers meeting tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. and is participating in weather briefings with the national weather service twice daily.

At Monday’s Council meeting, parish officials said they are urging residents to prepare for potential flooding by clearing drainage ditches and removing debris from property.

Parish President Larry Cochran said he will meet with the Sheriff’s Office and School System officials tomorrow (Tuesday) to discuss the parish emergency plan.

Joe Ganote, director of St. Charles Parish Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, told council members that heavy rainfall is anticipated no matter where the storm lands. Ganote projected rainfall of 3 to 6 inches but warned it could reach up to 15 inches depending on where it hits.

Impact is anticipated between Wednesday and Thursday, but Ganote said the impact could begin to be felt by Wednesday afternoon. A 2 – to 4-foot rise in water could also come with the storm.

“We  are vulnerable,” he added about the parish’s incomplete levee system and potential flash flooding.”We just need to be vigilant.”

Public Works Director Clayton “Snookie” Faucheux also told council members that his department started storm prep with 24-hour work shifts beginning tonight (Monday) at midnight.

“We’ve been at this all day,” Faucheux said of putting the parish’s emergency plan into motion.

Faucheux also emphasized flooding is possible due to the area receiving 10 inches of rain recently making it harder for the ground to absorb anticipated heavier rainfall. Further flooding could come if the already slow moving storm hovers over the parish.


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