Parish population sees small decline

St. Charles Parish saw its population slightly dwindle in 2017, as noted by the latest released Census figures that also indicated Louisiana as one of eight states to see its population drop in the same time period.

The latest figures measure the time period of July 1, 2016 to July 1, 2017.

In that span, St. Charles Parish’s population dropped from 52,864 to 52,749. Over a period of several years, however, the population has held rather steady: the parish’s population in 2010 was 52,780.

For Louisiana as a whole, the population fell from 4,686,157 to 4,684,333 from 2016 to 2017.

The latest Census numbers available indicate St. Charles Parish’s median household income is $61,691, up from $59,990 a year prior.

For families, the number is $73,382, for married couple families, it is $94,589 and for nonfamily households it is $33,093.

The last figures also indicate the number of total housing units in the parish is 20,289. That number has steadily increased over an eight year period dating back to 2009, when the number was 19,678.

The parish’s median age is 37.4, with the average male 36.3 and the average female 38.0. The average age has held steady over the past decade, with a low of 36.5. The 37.4 median age represents the high mark since 2009. The number is slightly higher compared to Louisiana’s average age of 36.2.

Just 12.6 parish residents are estimated to be below the poverty line, compared to the statewide mark of 19.7.

The Census data is compiled using birth, death and tax records.


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