Public works, Parks & Rec directors among positions sought

St. Charles Parish President-elect Matt Jewell has begun his transition into office by advertising key positions he wants to fill in parish government.

There also will be changes to the organizational structure with more positions directly answering to the parish president. Jewell declined to specify those changes at this time, although he did say he would rely on the expertise of those hired, and find ways to streamline these positions.

“We will be changing the structure to find what best fits our priorities and is most efficient,” Jewell said. “We already have a really good draft of what we’d like to see.”

Jewell is seeking candidates for several important positions in government that include chief administrative officer, director of Parks and Recreation, public information officer, chief operating officer, executive assistant to the parish president and grants officer.

Jewell said his overall goal in advertising these positions is to find high-quality applicants with good experience and vision.

Billy Raymond, who currently holds the chief administrative position and was a Cochran appointee, said he will not reapply for the position.

“Should there be a role that the incoming administration feels would fit my skill set, I will remain open to having that discussion,” he said.

Clayton “Snookie” Faucheux, director of Public Works and Wastewater, and Duane Foret, longtime director of Parks and Recreation, could not be reached for comment on whether or not they will reapply for their current positions.

Jewell said they plan to advertise the positions through the end of November.

“I hope to be done by the first or second week in December and enter January with a full staff and fill on an interim basis if needed,” he said.

Jewell said more positions could be posted online.

“Our main focus is these critical positions, and if other jobs come available we’ll post them accordingly,” he added.

In the meantime, Jewell is working with a seven-member transition team as he prepares to take office on Jan. 13.

“I believe it’s going well,” Jewell said. “The transition team works really well together and they’re giving me a lot of good insight with their respective areas of interest and experience. I look forward to working with them as we fill these positions, but, overall, everything is going smoothly.”

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