Parish expects to collect $1 million less in tax revenue

Because of a reduced inventory at some industries, the value of the parish’s tax roll is expected to drop by $35 million this year.

That means that St. Charles Parish will face a reduction in tax revenue of about $1.1 million, according to parish Finance Director Grant Dussom.

“Some of the larger industries took off about $35 million of inventory. That, of course, caused the assessment to go down,” Dussom said.

Meanwhile, St. Charles Parish taxpayers will pay almost the same amount of taxes that they did last year. In 2009, property owners paid 26.4 mills. In 2010, they will pay 26.58 mills for an increase of .18 mills.

The only taxing districts that will receive an increase in millage this year are road maintenance, E-911 emergency system and the health unit.

Each came up for 10-year renewals last year and are at their newly authorized rates.

Road maintenance will receive 5.96 mills in 2010 compared to 5.83 mills in 2009. E-911 increased by .04 mills, while the health unit was increased from .64 mills to .65 mills.

“We are going to have to sharpen the pencil in a month or two come budget time,” Councilman Dennis Nuss said. “I hope everyone is of the same mindset because we’re going to have some tough decisions ahead of us.”


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