Nude stroll puts Norco man behind bars

Police won’t comment on whether man is the pant-less jogger from weeks prior

Last Thursday, Christopher Coll was arrested by the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office after a witness claimed that she had seen him completely naked on Mary St. in Norco.

“The witness was passing by some bushes, she heard some rustling and the subject comes walking out of the bushes naked,” said Sheriff Greg Champagne.

The incident allegedly occurred in the early morning hours last Thursday, happening around 5 a.m.

After being identified by the witness, Coll, 46, 1016 First St., Lot 10, Norco, was booked with obscenity.

This is not the first time that residents in Norco have complained of a man appearing nude on the streets in the early morning hours.

Three weeks ago, on June 7, a woman was jogging down the 600 block of West Pine St. in Norco around 5:30 a.m. The woman turned around when she heard a noise behind her. As she turned around, she observed a white male jogging towards her. During that incident, a man who was completely naked from the waist down ran towards her. While running towards her, the man began to masturbate in front of the victim.

In the Pine Street incident, the woman fled into a home and called authorities. She described him as a white male, mid 40’s, completely bald, approximately 5’6” to 5’9” ft. tall and weighing approximately 200 lbs. with a stocky build. The same day a man matching this description was seen by another resident in Norco.

“When the guy exposed himself to the two woman three weeks ago, we, in fact, started doing undercover the very next day. We had sheriff’s office employees out posing as women walking the streets in the early morning,” said Sheriff Champagne.

As for whether this subject is the one that made a buzz on the July 7 morning in Norco, police officials would not comment. “We made a case with this woman, who positively identified the arrestee (Coll) as the person. That’s what we got,” said Sheriff Champagne.

The sheriff’s office is not releasing a mugshot of Coll, feeling that a case against him could be compromised since some evidence relies on the identification of Coll by a witness. As for his description, all that is known about Coll is that he is Caucasian.

As of Friday, Coll was being held in Nelson Coleman Correctional Facility on a $40,000 bond set by Judge Robert Chaisson.


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