Mystery plane lands in cane field

A two-person Cessna 150 appeared unscathed from an apparent unexpected landing in the sugarcane field across from RK Smith Middle School in Luling.

A Cessna 150 E airplane owned by John Devaull of Wildwood, Fl made an emergency landing on July 15 in the sugarcane field across from RK Smith Middle School in Luling. Attempts to contact Mr. Devaull were unsuccessful.

Local area general aviation pilots could only speculate that Devaull either had a mechanical or fuel problem with his Cessna 150 E, a fixed wing, single engine, 2-person aircraft.

The Florida pilot safely landed the plane, which appeared unscathed from the landing, and then moved it and secured it across the road from to R. K. Smith Middle School on Sugarland Parkway. The plane was removed over the weekend.

Local pilot Terry Cooper said that General Aviation Pilots undergo serious training to deal with all kinds of emergencies. “After the initial training, these pilots also receive biannual flight reviews to requalify them in all piloting skills.”

According to Cooper, pilots are trained extensively in how to land the plane safely in case of engine failure.

“Pilots are instilled with the fact that at anytime engine loss can occur. This constant reminder makes it possible for the pilots to handle the stress involved in unexpected landings. This usually results in the ability of the pilot to land the aircraft safely without hurting the pilot, the aircraft, and more importantly, those on the ground,” he said.

Local air traffic control towers also help the pilots with unexpected landings giving pilots directions to the nearest airport or a possible safe landing area. In this case, the Kenner airport was contacted.


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