Monsanto donates $55,000 to United Way

On Thursday, June 8, Monsanto presented a check to The United Way of St. Charles Parish for fifty-five thousand dollars.

Along with the donation each year, Monsanto sponsors a “United Way Kick Off Fair” and “Fund Raiser Campaign” in order to raise even more money for the organization.
In addition to the United Way annual campaign, Monsanto supported the organization by having two employees volunteer to serve on their “Allocations Committee”.

This committee was charged with researching all of the organizations that the United Way distributes funds to in an attempt to ensure that each of these organizations was aligned with the mission of the United Way and had properly utilized all of their funding.

This was a wonderful way for Monsanto to feel their donations were significant enough for them to be a valued member of the Allocations Committee. In addition, Monsanto was able to support the United Way who, without the help of local volunteers, would be unable to afford the resources necessary for such an extensive review process.


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