Mom bombs spread joy across St. Charles Parish

One local woman’s idea to spread joy to a few moms for Mother’s Day has led to over 20 mobile acts of kindness.

Kati Corso, a Destrehan resident, had the idea to create a pay-it-forward type of surprise for moms.

“With Mother’s Day coming up and just everything that’s going on with the kids being home, I wanted to do something nice for moms,” she said. “I thought this would be fun because everyone would get to take part in it and could pass it on.”

She contacted Bourg Signs in Norco and got two yard signs quickly printed. The round signs prominently feature the phrase “This mom is the bomb!” with “St. Charles strong” printed underneath.

Corso put together two gift baskets containing beauty products and adult beverages and dropped them off at the door of two friends. She also staked a sign in each yard.

“I started with two to let it go in different directions,” she said. “It’s a pay it forward thing … it’s fun to get it but even more fun to give it.”

As she pulled away from each house, Corso sent a text to her two friends with a graphic pronouncing the message “hey girl, you’re the bomb … go outside and look!”

Both friends called her right away.

“It’s made people emotional,” she said. “They said, ‘I needed this’ … it’s something so small to do to spread some joy.”

Corso said pulling off the surprises is like being a parent on Christmas morning.

“Watching them get it is more fun than getting a gift,” she said. “It’s the joy you feel making someone feel good.”

Corso ordered two more signs at the urging of her friend Kristin Stumbo.

“I told Kati I would start it on the west bank of St. Charles … the west bank needed to be mom bombed too,” Stumbo said laughing.

Stumbo bombed her neighbor Keri Candies, who just like Stumbo is mom to a high school senior.

“I know how hard it has been to miss all of those important milestones like prom, senior breakfast, awards night and graduation,” Stumbo said of why she thought Candies may need a pick-me-up surprise.

Stumbo also bombed her friend Melissa Faucheaux, who is a nurse working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I wanted her to know how much she’s appreciated,” Stumbo said. “I love that in a time of uncertainty something like this can brighten someone’s day.”

Corso said people continued to contact her for more signs, so much so that the mom movement now has 22 signs moving around the parish.

“I want them to feel joy,” Corso said of the recipients. “I did it in honor of Mother’s Day, but it doesn’t have to stop … I would love for it to grow.”


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