Man who tried to teach officer how to snort cocaine gets 15 years

A Luling man was sentenced to 15 years in prison after police say he sold crack cocaine to an undercover officer and asked her several times to snort the drug in front of him.

Kyron Hill, 26, was under surveillance when he got into a car with an undercover officer in 2011 who had pulled up to him and asked him “Where’s my friends at?” According to court documents, Hill got into the car, which was fitted with audio equipment, and told the undercover agent that he wasn’t a drug dealer but that “he’s got something.”

Hill asked the agent to drive around for a while and told her that he recently went to jail for three years after having sold drugs to an informant. A short while later, he handed the officer a baggie containing crack cocaine, police say.

According to audio from the car, Hill then asked the officer to go inside the Shell Station in Boutte and purchase cigarettes for him. While she was inside, Hill apparently went through the vehicle and found the officer’s gun.

When asked about the weapon, the officer told Hill that she needed it because she was driving in a bad neighborhood. The two then talked about weapons with Hill eventually asking the officer to sell him a pistol, court documents say.

After their discussion, Hill asked the officer to put on her seat belt so they wouldn’t get stopped by police and had her drive to Boutte Estates. The two pulled over on the side of the road and Hill asked the officer to snort the crack cocaine. The officer attempted to simulate snorting the drug, but Hill demanded that she do it over and over again so that she could prove she wasn’t with the police.

He even showed the officer how to snort the drug off a dollar bill after noticing that she wasn’t ingesting any of the drug, police say.

However, the officer eventually ended up ingesting some of the crack cocaine accidentally, and after dropping Hill off, she went to St. Charles Parish Hospital where she was treated for the substance.

Hill was then arrested.

According to court documents, Hill also sold drugs to an undercover officer in 2007.

Hill pled guilty to one count of distribution of crack cocaine and distribution of a counterfeit controlled dangerous substance.


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