Luling resident charged with forgery and theft

Subject allegedly forged and cashed checks

Tina M. Spurgeon, 38, of 12715 Hwy. 90, Luling, was arrested on June 6 after it was discovered that she forged and cashed checks totaling $1,500 from a locally owned business. An employee at the business reported to the owner that Spurgeon was witnessed going into an area where the company’s checks were kept. After further investigation by the owner, it was discovered that there were several checks missing.

The bank that handled the account reported to the owner that several of the checks had already been processed. The bank submitted photo copies of the forged checks to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office which further corroborated the owner’s claim.

A warrant was issued on May 12 for Spurgeon’s arrest.

“These forgery acts further contribute to the rising issues of identity theft. We urge banks and places of business that cash checks to always ask for some type of I.D. so that this kind of theft can be avoided in the future,” said Sgt. Dwayne LeGrange of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.


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