Luling man charged with cruelty to animals

Man left dog chained to doorknob in 90 degree heat

A Luling man was arrested July 15 after St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Deputies observed the man’s pit-bull chained to a doorknob with no food or water in temperatures above 90 degrees. Dorian Kennedy, of 827 Milling Ave., Luling, was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals, dogs on tethers and failure to register his pit -bull.

According to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, deputies observed the dog chained to a doorknob by a heavy link chain,  pad lock, and steel weights.  The chain and lock were so heavy the dog was unable to lift his head or neck.  Officers estimated that the chain, weights and pad lock weighed 60 pounds.  Officers also noticed that the dog was left unattended without food or water.

Officers approached Kennedy about the pit-bull at which time  Kennedy became combative and refused to release the dog from the heavy chains.  Later the subject admitted to placing the chains around the dog’s neck to build stamina, a practice often used to prepare dogs for fighting.

Further investigation by officers revealed that the pit-bull was not registered with the parish or microchipped.  Owners of pit-bulls are required by law in St. Charles Parish to register their pit- bulls.

The dog was seized by parish officals and transferred to the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter.


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