Krewe of Des Allemands King and Queen: Fallan Hotard Sr. and Cynthia Cortez Hotard

Fallan and Cynthia Hotard.

Cynthia Cortez Hotard laughed as she recalled her husband’s reaction to being asked if he’d like to be the next King of the Krewe of Des Allemands.

“My niece came up to my husband and says, ‘Uncle Fallan, I have something to ask you – and you can’t say no, because I’m your niece,” Cynthis began. “I want to know if you two want to be king and queen of the parade. And he said yes and everyone got so excited.”

The quick reply did not go unnoticed.

“They said they’d never had someone ask so fast because it’s always ‘I have to check with my wife, I have to check with my husband.’ I slapped him on the leg because he just blurted out yes,” she joked. “You’re supposed to ask me too, you know!”

But both are quite excited and just about ready for the festivities when the two reign over Des Allemands on Sunday at 1 p.m.

Fallan Hotard said he cannot wait for Sunday to come, while admitting it’s taking a lot of time and planning. He knows the fun to come will be worth it.

“We were all so excited, the whole family,” he said. “We’ve been with the parade for years. Really, for a lot of the events here, the Catfish Festival and the Boat Parade for many years … they always know anytime they need me, just call. We’re really looking forward to this. We’ve got cups, koozies, beads, throws for the kids … it should be a lot of fun, especially having the family with us.”

Both said they were surprised to be asked.

“I was actually shocked,” Cynthia said. “But I’m ready for it. I was nervous at first, but now that we’re doing things, I can’t wait until the weekend. We’ll have our grandkids and our great grandkids riding along with us and will be pretty special.”

She’s always enjoyed watching the parade, but this will be her first opportunity to ride. And plenty of friends and neighbors are thrilled to see it happen for both.

“I’ve gotten so many calls,” Fallan said. “Old friends at the bank are calling me. We’ve lived here in Des Allemands all our lives, the two of us. We’re getting so many calls to congratulate us and telling us they want to see us out there. Hopefully we get good weather and a great turnout.”

Does he have a tally?

“Whew … it’s more than I can count,” Hotard said of the friends and family who have said they’ll be out to celebrate and see them ride. “A whole bunch of them, I can tell you that.”


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