Keeping Faith

How everyone came together to save a dog abandoned by its owner

Even though the owner didn’t claim this dog, many others weren’t ready to give up on Faith.

As the dog lay on the roadside at Smith Street and River Road after being struck by a vehicle on Jan. 3, Corinne Martin came upon her while walking her dog.

“I walked over to her and saw abrasions on her,” Martin said. “She had this chain wrapped her around her neck tight, but no tag. She was lying near a deflated old tire. It was clear to me she needed help and, as far as I could see, there was no one who was going to claim her.”

Martin called for help.

“She put her head on my knee,” she said. “She was so sweet. I had some kibble in my pocket and gave her some. She tried to stand up, but she couldn’t.”

Animal Control Officer Micah St. Amant arrived and brought her to the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter. The bully mix could not walk with her hind legs and, five days later, it was the same.

“We discussed euthanasia because orthopedic surgery would be needed for thousands of dollars or cage rest for eight weeks if minor fractures, all of which are difficult in a shelter setting,” said Jena Troxler, supervisor of the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter.

When Martin got the news about Faith, she donated $400 because she couldn’t give up on the dog. She kept wondering who could do this to their dog.

“I just kept calling her sweetie the whole time,” Martin said. “She was just so gentle and sweet. She was even sweet with my dog.”

But, by day 7, the hard decision had to be made for euthanasia.

Faith in water therapy to help with her hip.

“However, we did not do the procedure that day by divine intervention,” Troxler said. “And the next day Animal Control Officer Caylee Webb came in to clean and Faith could stand with one rear leg.”

This is how Faith got her name.

“Everyone could have said ‘No,’ but they didn’t. Don’t we need more of that in the world? We can all pull together for a dog. All they do is love you.” – Corinne Martin

Her injuries were still going to be costly to repair with a hip out of joint that would require surgery and a pubic fracture. But to this news, Martin replied, “Go Faith,” and added, “You can’t change the world, but you can change the world for one vulnerable creature, and Faith has certainly kept herself going so she can have the right family.”

The St. Charles Humane Society agreed to provide $2,200 for surgery at Southpaws Veterinary Surgical Specialists. Dr. Bob Hancock did her surgery, but he noticed two more injuries. Hancock donated his service to repair Faith’s knee.

“He repaired her knee with a TPLO surgery and donated that service completely, which as a veterinarian, I am very grateful because I understand the time, cost and expertise associated with such care,” Troxler said.

The following day, Faith’s walk was a bit off and he decided to give permanent stabilization. He gave an incredible deal on that surgery, as well.

At this point, her multiple injuries warrant her having low impact physical therapy now that her wounds have healed. Southpaws offers this service with water treadmills as part of the therapy.

Faith in therapy.

“It will give her a full recovery after all that has been invested in her,” Troxler said.

But it will cost $1,100 and the Humane Society had to decline the request because of lack of funding. They are seeking donations for the care at Southpaws, which can be made at (985) 809-1590 under the account “Friends of St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter.”

Once the donations are in hand, “we will check our girl in for 10 days to get the final care she requires,” Troxler said. “We couldn’t predict she would need so much and, in this case, it may be ideal we didn’t know, since full request for care was declined by the humane society. However, she is worth it and we will go the extra mile for those dog/cat residents that have an injury that can be repaired and live a normal life from here forward.”

Martin agreed.

“Everyone could have said ‘No,’ but they didn’t. Don’t we need more of that in the world? We can all pull together for a dog. All they do is love you.”

How a dog earns the name Faith?

  • Faith was struck by a vehicle and found by Corinne Martin on Jan. 3.
  • The hard decision is made for euthanasia.
  • The next day, she walks, a move that saves her life and earns her the name Faith.
  • The St. Charles Humane Society donates $2,200 for surgery and Southpaws Veterinary Surgical Specialists help treat Faith’s injuries.
  • A fund is established to help get her therapy.
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  1. So glad to see Faith is on a path to recovery abd I pray she gets a good forever home. It’s clear to see she had babies. They evidently took her babies and disguarded her. Poor baby. I hate the selfish attitudes of us humans but we DON’T realize that one day it may t u rn on us. Animals DON’T forget. Bless you and prayers going out to your litter(s) cause you were only good for one thing only. Profit.

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