Jindal gives Rotary Club words to live by

Congressman stressed that individuals need to take responsibility for their lives and their children

Congressman Bobby Jindal gave St. Charles Parish Rotarians and their guests words of wisdom at last Wednesday’s Rotary meeting. He told the group that Louisiana and our nation as a whole should think about the right changes in government. His observations to the group were to the point and practical.
Jindal emphasized that we desperately need education supported by parents.

The teacher needs to be a good one, but it’s important for parents to support the teachers. Jindal recalled when he was in school and if he got in trouble he got in trouble three times: From his teacher, then his mom and then his dad. He said that many teachers these days do not bother to alert the parents to bad behavior because there have been too many parents who came to school and sided with their children instead of the teacher. That can only teach your child to get away with things thinks Jindal.

There were foolish things done before Katrina…like we’ll only give you health care if you don’t have a job. “We’re eleven months after the storm and still don’t have a plan for health care,” said Jindal. He thinks that health care should coincide with a work ethic, not a reward to someone for being lazy.

He added that elected officials must live by the same rules as everyone else. “We could have a little more common sense in Washington to let people know that we all live under the same set of rules.” He cited the story of a senator who was irate to be searched by a policeman just trying to do his duty. How do elected politicians feel that they are living under different rules? He says when the FBI went into Congressman Jefferson’s office it seemed like they were on trial. Jindal says he always thanks policemen for their importance.

Jindal said he is glad we have freedom of religion but that doesn’t mean freedom from religion. He said that during the months following Katrina several churches opened their doors to help others and put signs out that said, “if you need help, come here.” A man of God told Jindal that this is what we’re supposed to do in the body of Christ. Some say they don’t want their tax dollars to go toward those who start their day off with prayer.  Jindal says in the Congress, they start their day off with prayer.

We need to secure our borders said Jindal. He said illegal immigration is a problem. and the catch and release makes a real mockery of our laws.

He said Louisiana needs its fair share of oil and gas royalties. We generate 5 to 6 billion dollars a year and we provide 30 percent of our nation’s fuel. He says time is not on our hands and we need to get this done in September. Louisiana’s success depends on not wasting money political projects.

In reference to Hurricane Katrina, do we need to rebuild what we had before or do we make it something better? Jindal thinks the government is doing just the opposite of what is needed now. He says when it comes to block grant funding we need to put some accountability to it. Unfortunately, sometimes in Louisiana it’s not what you know but who you know.

Jindal told of his young daughter asking about praying to God and should there be a back-up God if the real God needs help. Jindal says we have a chance to make things better because our children will look at history and say that we had the chance.


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